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Our Mission

  • Lightstruck partners with communities to deliver tangible social and commercial benefits, through utility scale telecommunication infrastructure services, directly to their homes and neighbourhoods.
  • Lightstruck as a long term infrastructure player deploys an infrastructure investment and ownership methodology to assets in the fibre optic sector.
  • Lightstruck’s vision is to build and operate a completely open access fibre optic network that deliver choice to the end consumer.
  • As an internationl experienced infrastructure player, Lightstruck develops and build its own networks applying international best practise through rapid deployment with minimum inconvenience to communities.
  • Lightstruck will also acquire brownfield fibre networks from other players in the market.
  • Based on Lightstruck’s long term infrastructural investment approach, Lightstruck constructs and operates intellegent fibre optic networks which deliver a sustainable, 25 year high-end customer experience at an affordable cost to customers.

Community Benefits

  • Open access network
  • Localised, managed networks for the sustained benefit of Communities
  • Enhanced security
  • Utility Scale Communications Infrastructure
  • Integrated Telecommunication and Data Services
  • Long-term Affordability and Sustainability
  • Rapid Deployment, Minimizing Disruption to Communities

Ligthstruck’s focus is on the
development, acquisition and ownership
of local last mile fibre networks

  • Corporate, residential and mixed use projects
  • Rural and metro network projects
  • Acquisitions, brownfields and greenfields projects
  • Lightstruck’s current target geographical markets include the following areas

Step 1

Survey, Detail Design & Wayleave applications
(Town Council Approval)


Step 2

Breaking Ground to first House Connected


Step 3

Fibre Roll out completed, Last House Connected


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