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Welcome to Lightstruck
Fibre providers across Southern Africa.

Fibre optic internet is a remarkable advancement in communication technology. It is here to change the way we do business, the way we go about our daily lives, and even the way in which we educate the youth. As fibre providers, Lightstruck aims to develop and install this next generation digital utility in communities across Southern Africa, and bring fibre to homes and businesses through our Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).

What distinguishes fibre from traditional internet connections is its reliability and speed. Unlike copper internet connections, fibre internet does not lose signal or weaken over a long distance. It can transfer considerable amounts of data over long distances, thereby providing home and business owners with a secure internet connection that works at the speed of light.
Lightstruck is backed by Eaglestone, a leading international infrastructure player specifically focussed on developments in Southern Africa. They have over 100 years of infrastructure experience and have been involved in over USD 15 billion of infrastructure transactions in the last 15 years.

We plan on deploying fibre internet in all interested communities

It is our team’s vision to develop, own and operate open access, high-end, last mile fibre by deploying an infrastructure investment methodology that will deliver long term fibre optic networks for the economic and social benefit of the communities in which fibre is deployed.
We plan on deploying fibre across Southern Africa, where the local communities have signalled an interest in fibre for the community. The contractors responsible for the laying of our fibre cables have been carefully selected to ensure on-time results and to minimise the inconvenience caused to residents and businesses in these areas.

For the next part of the process, which is enabling home and business owners to utilise the fast-speed fibre that have been installed in their area, we have identified ISP’s across the country whom we trust with our product. They have been carefully chosen, offering our customers the combination of both excellent service, with a product offering that would suit most business and home owners’ modern internet requirements.


Register with us!

If you are interested in starting your fibre journey with Lightstruck, please Register your interest with us. This way, we will be aware of interest in your area, and when there is sufficient demand, we can start the process of deploying fibre in your community. Once you are registered, we will also keep you up to date on the latest developments and progress regarding fibre installations in your area.

How our Registration Process works

When going to “Register”, you will be directed to a portal bearing a map of our present coverage. Select your area, click on “Show Interest” and complete the capture form with your name and required contact information. When completed, click on “Show My Interest”. Once your registration process is complete, you will start receiving updates on fibre internet installations in your area.
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