Bringing open access
fibre networks to your

We aim to bring you some of the
best fibre deals & packages available on the market

Lightstruck is here to bring open access fibre networks to your community. We are not an Internet Service Provider, as we are only responsible for the infrastructure that enables the ISP’s to provide you with fast and reliable fibre access. We have partnered with some of the most reliable service providers in the industry, who offer some of the best fibre deals and fibre packages available to suit home and business owners’ diverse internet requirements.

What makes fibre internet convenient is that you can change your ISP if you are not satisfied with your service, without the need for a new network installation. When changing from one ISP to the next, all that is changing is your service provider. As such, this promotes flexibility as one can change your ISP within the constraints of your contracted ISP, until you find an option that suits your needs.

What are my next steps for the best fibre deals?

First things first. If you want to activate your fibre connection after network installations are complete in your area, you will need to contact us to schedule a Home Drop. This will take approximately 2 hours and will include a device that will activate your fibre connection. Once the installation is complete, you will be left with an active fibre service through your ISP. For this installation service, we will charge a once-off installation fee.

To find out more about the range of fibre packages and the best fibre deals available from our partner ISP’s, you are welcome to contact any of our service providers. They will be able to supply you with detailed information about available packages, fibre speeds, and more. Alternatively, find answers to frequently asked questions here.